Three Must-Read Media Writers

1.  Michael Calderone, Yahoo’s Upshot: Now reporting for Yahoo’s snappy new Upshot blog, Calderone earned an impressive, hard-charging reputation at Politico and the New York Observer.  He cranks out several reports a day.

2.  Brian Stelter, New York Times: His back story dazzles as much as his present-day reporting.  I once tried to hire him without knowing his name or his age when he wrote anonymously for the blog he founded (Cable Newser, which became TV Newser) when he was a college student.

3.  Howard Kurtz, Washington Post: Fair, level-headed, and insightful.  He and Stelter are fierce competitors, with an abundance of scoops by both.  Kurtz also provides meaty, on-the-mark analysis such as this superb report today.

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