Poll Position debuts

My Poll Position company launched yesterday.  Here’s the announcement:

News, polling veterans team up to launch

hot topic social media company

Poll Position debuts, releases news-making national survey results

Atlanta, Sept. 14 – Today marks the launch of Poll Position, a unique hybrid news, polling, and social media company.

Poll Position’s mission: to engage, enlighten, and entertain users by providing exclusive hot topic scientific poll results and giving everyone an opportunity to vote and comment via online companion polls.

Award-winning news and polling veterans founded and lead Poll Position.  The company’s co-founder and CEO is Eason Jordan, who worked for 23 years with CNN, where he served as chief news executive.  Co-founder Jeff Shusterman, president of Majority Opinion Research, plays a leading role in the company’s polling.  Former CNN vice president Larry Register is a key member of the Poll Position team.

Among the key poll findings at PollPosition.com:

  • RICK PERRY: Only 29% of Americans share Rick Perry’s view that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.
  • BARACK OBAMA: A plurality of Americans prefers President Obama not be the 2012 Democratic presidential nominee, although 52% of Democrats stand by him.
  • MITT ROMNEY, JON HUNTSMAN: Only 35% of Americans and 45% of Republicans say they would ever vote for a Mormon to be president.
  • UNEMPLOYED: Seventy-eight percent of Americans say they know someone who is unemployed.
  • AFGHANISTAN: Only 34% of Americans believe the war in Afghanistan has been worth the cost in U.S. lives and financial expense.
  • U.S. POSTAL SERVICE: Sixty-four percent of Americans say they would be okay with the financially-strapped Postal Service ending Saturday mail delivery.
  • FIRED BY PHONE: Seventy-one percent say it’s never appropriate for a boss to fire an employee over the phone.
  • HEART ATTACK-PROOF VEGAN: Sixty-three percent say they’d rather risk having a heart attack than make themselves heart attack-proof by becoming a vegan.

The national polls were conducted in recent days, surveyed more than 1,000 adults, and have a margin of error of ± 3%.  Poll details, including survey crosstabs, can be found at PollPosition.com.

Contact: Larry Register, LR@PollPosition.com

Website: http://PollPosition.com

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