Let’s step up for Syria’s innocent victims – the children

This is alarming and tragic: Syrian children are at dire risk of being a lost generation.

This in-depth UNHCR report provides details: Future-of-Syria-UNHCR-v13

The Syrian civil war has produced more than eight million refugees – six million in Syria and more than two million in neighboring countries. Roughly half of those refugees are children, many of them live in horrid conditions, and most of them are no longer in school. The kids deserve so much better.

These refugees are an enormous burden for the small countries of Lebanon and Jordan. Syrian refugees now account for 15% of Lebanon’s population and 10% of the population of Jordan. Public opinion polls in both countries show most people there want their borders closed to a further influx of Syrian refugees.

The international community is falling woefully short in helping the refugees and their overwhelmed host countries.

With many nations spending huge amounts of money to underwrite the civil war in Syria, it’s time for the international community to step up for the innocent victims of this horrific conflict.

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