Now This News: My moves

I’m making a bigger bet on NowThis News.

After helping launch and lead the scrappy digital video news network for the past year and a half, my role with the company is changing in two ways.

First, I’m so bullish on the millennial-targeted, mobile-focused newco, I’m making a sizable personal investment in the company.

Second, with NowThis News making great strides in its sophomore year, I’m giving up my general manager’s position with the company and will serve henceforth as an actively engaged adviser and investor – how I think I can be most helpful.

I am a big believer in the NowThis News concept and an even bigger believer in the team – founders, investors, leaders and staffers.

I’ll do all I can to ensure the company is a great success.

Here’s where you can find NowThis News: iOS app, Android app, Buzzfeed, Mashableweb, Facebook, InstagramTwitter, VineGoogle+Aol, MSN, Hulu, Roku.

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